We are a growing company based in Bandung, Indonesia that have solid and experienced team. Our vision is to build communities that have the capabilities not just to acquire information but also to transform the information into knowledge and understanding, which empowers users to enhance their livelihoods and contribute to the social and economic development of their communities.

Currently we are developing a product called Proofn. Proofn is a next generation communication platform that combines the capability of email technology and few ingredients taken from chat app behavior as emails proofs its usefulness for discussing important/complex matters while chat behavior wins for its effortless and straight-forward nature for exchanging simple thoughts.

Through Proofn we want to help people to easily discuss their positive and constructive thoughts then inspire others to build smarter communities and civilization in general.

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Based in lovely &
liveable city, Bandung
Salary and performance
bonus (optional)
Flexible working hours
Culture of Openness
Increase your networking
Working with experienced
and solid team
A place for accelerating
your true potential
Being part of big movement
for smarter communities & civilization

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